Create a Killer Gogetter Profile

Congrats, you’ve created a PINATA account! You’re well on your way to becoming a Gogetter and making some cold, hard cash to do more of the things you love. Even better, creating your PINATA profile isn’t like writing a painfully redundant cover letter in Word (**insert over-exaggerated yawn here**). PINATA gives you the chance to let your best qualities shine through when you’re being considered for gigs.

Ready to do this? Who are we kidding, of course you are. Here are our 3 go-to tips to make the brands you love fall in love with you right back.

Let your photos tell a story and show who actually are

While your profile needs at least 1 photo, we know firsthand that the more photos you upload, the better your chances are at snagging a solid gig. Use 3-5 photos that represent the variety of things you love; traveling, working out, mixing cocktails, yodeling. Go nuts. Bonus points if it showcases any of your Brand Ambassador skills in action...and -1 point [to Gryffindor] if all of your pictures have your face covered with sunglasses or are shot from far away. You’re cool and we know it, but don’t be too cool!

Without thinking about it too hard, write down 1 thing you love to do, 1 thing you’re good at, and 1 thing you do every day.

We’ll ask you to sum up what gets you out of bed in the morning in a 250-character blurb. To make it easier and genuine, write down those 3 things and tweak it for your bio. Want to really stand out? Think of activities other than, “I like to travel and I love trying new things.” I mean, if we’re being honest, we’ve all seen enough of that on the Tindies.

You’ve got 30 seconds to introduce yourself in your video—make it count.

First off, don’t panic! You can redo your video if you’re not happy with the first (or second...or sixth) take. Before you start, make sure you and the setting behind you looks neat. Take a second to see if you have a neutral background because other brand names shouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb. You never know if a potential competitor might be checking out your profile.

Pro Tip Alert: check to make sure that the shot doesn’t showcase a hot mess on display. Put those leftover empties in the bin, clear off your coffee table—you know the drill.

Then, before you record your video, bullet out your relevant experience and the key things that make you...well, YOU. Don’t go in blind. Feel free to mention any Brand Ambassador experience or why you’re jumping into the gig life for the first time (n00bs welcome). Your finished product should feel concise and friendly.

P.S. Crack a smile and have some fun with it!

Now that you’re a certified pro, let’s hook up your Brand Ambassador profile. Get ready to show off and download PINATA on iOS (Android coming soon, we promise!).


New gigs for New Jersey

Looking for a gig on your side of the Hudson? Koia, Be Mixed and Vita500 are looking for a few A+ health-conscious and passionate calorie crunchers to join their Brand Ambassador programs, so we're looking to grow our community of Garden State Gogetters.

The gigs pay $20/hour with open shifts throughout New Jersey (and a few in NYC, Westchester, and CT as well). Apply to these and other great gigs with the PINATA app.

Featured gigs:

Koia, a delicious plant-based beverage has recently launched nationwide. This fan-favorite is looking for passionate Gogetters like you to represent them.

Be Mixed, the first zero calorie, sugar free and all natural cocktail mixer that launched last fall is rapidly expanding from Manhattan to the Hamptons and now New jersey. Join them and their clean drinking movement!

Vita500, the best selling vitamin drink in Asia is now in the USA. Why not share the good message AND the drink?


You deserve work that speaks to your soul and your wallet. Find your workmance on PINATA.



Knock your 30 second video out of the park now instead of going on 10 different interviews later. This is your chance to flaunt why you're such a catch. Make their decision easy. 



1. Treat the video like you'd treat a gig where the brand that you’re promoting is yourself. How do you tell and sell your personal brand story? Think about who you are outside of field marketing. How do your unique skills and talents translate into promoting brands? Whether you’re an actor who knows how to work a crowd or a health nut with a genuine passion for organic food, sell your audience on YOU.

2. Don't just tell us what type of brand ambassador you are. Show us. You claim you're friendly? Nice. We'll believe it when we see it… Like we did with Michelle. She said that she’s a very happy person by nature. That checked out because she never stopped smiling in her video. Be sure your physical expression and voice inflection reflect what you're saying.

3. Channel your inner filmmaker. Hey, no one is expecting Quentin Tarantino here (plus, he'd probably bring a bit too much unwelcome gore to field marketing). However, we're confident that you can handle the basics. Don't backlight yourself. Make sure you're in frame. Double check the audio quality to make sure your words are easily understood. Cool? Cool.

4. Ooh-la-la, your personality is showing! Don't worry, that's what we want. It's easy for people to look pretty darn similar on paper. Your video is the defining feature of your profile. Don't shy away from being who you truly are.


Wandering Bear, In Store Demos

Wandering Bear, In Store Demos

$20/hr - Coffee Lovers Need Apply - Wandering Bear is still looking for the next superstar brand ambassador to represent their awesome made in New York cold brew.

Blue Print Cleanse, Sampling

Blue Print Cleanse, Sampling

$22/hr - Blue Print is seeking a rock star brand ambassador to pour and distribute samples of Blue Print juice at store events while communicating key talking points about the brand.

Tickle Water, In Store Demos

Tickle Water, In Store Demos

$18/hr - Tickle Water is looking for a health conscious, positive energy, happy, outgoing, energetic, soical, and engaging Gogetter.

Must understand the "mom, child and/or beverage space". Must have at least 1 year of experience doing sampling.